Best and Quick Summer Hairstyles

June 28, 2018

Best and Quick Summer Hairstyles

Summer is not the time to flaunt your tresses. Owing to pollution and dust and increasing temperature, you must keep your hair secured so that it doesn’t bother you for an entire day. Thus, a hairstyle is extremely important for summers because this is not the time to keep your hair open and flowing all along.

Without further delay, let’s have a look at some of the best and quick summer hairstyles for you –

  1. Tight bun – Nothing is better than a tight and closely secured bun for summers. This is very easy and you can try this hairstyle even when you are on a go. You don’t need any specific tool for this hairstyle, not even a comb. Just get a regular hairpin or a simple rubber band. Take your entire hair and secure it in the form of a tight and closely enclosed bun. Make sure that you secure the ending either with a hairpin or with a rubber band.
  2. Top Bun – Another bun style which is perfect for increasing temperatures in summers. Begin by enclosing entire hair into a bun and tightly secure it in the form of a top bun. Now, take a rubber band and make a top high bun and close it’s mouth with the rubber band. You can also use a hairpin to secure the top bun. The highlight of the top bun is it’s height. So, make sure that you reach the maximum height.
  3. Side Bun – This a fun summer hairstyle where you begin by doing a side partition. Post that takes your entire hair to the wider side of your partition. Now, keep twisting and turning the hair and then secure it in the form of a tight bun. You can also try the loose side bun at the same time. For a fun effect secure a flower at the twisting portion of your side bun. This will add to the fun and flirty look of your hairstyle.
  4. French Braid – Now, comes the difficult part. But this hairstyle is perfect for girls who have thick and long hair. This is just a regular braid but with a French twist. Make sure that you take the upper layer of your hair and begin by twisting them closely and tightly. You can also give it a loose twist by pulling hair from each and every section of your French braid but not completely only partially.
  5. Ponytail – Another easy peasy and our favourite summer hairstyle. A ponytail is perfect for summer parties, night outs, beach parties and even as a formal hairstyle. You just need to bring all the hair together and secure it in a rubber band and keep the hair end hanging loose. You can also add some variation by going for a side ponytail.

Above given were some of the easy peasy and quick summer hairstyles. These hairstyles will keep you protected in summer and also add to your beauty and grace at the same time.


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