Best Hacks To Get Voluminous Hairs In A Health Way

August 20, 2018

Who doesn’t like dense hair that steals the show at every occasion? Since everyone gets into a thin hair slump once in a while, the volumizing hacks are lifesavers. Flipping the hair upside down while blow drying and teasing the hair strands are some of the common hacks that most people use in their day-to-day lives.

Hacks to achieve more hair volume

Here are two extremely simple ways to add volume to the hair and get bouncy, healthy-looking hair.

  1. Haircut and styling: Longer hair is often heavier, and that is why long hair often lacks volume. Getting a haircut in a different style gives you a lighter and fuller look instantly. Some rightly placed and expertly cut layers are always a good idea. But the block and bluntly ended haircuts can also work miracles for making your hair look much more healthy and dense. However, if chopping off your hair is not an option, you could try highlights and lowlights, which give the idea of a voluminous hair. Applying various volumizing products such as volumizing mousse and root lifting sprays and creams are also a good idea for instant density. Blow-drying the hair after working in the product can achieve a sleeker look with added lift.
  2. Hair extensions: Hair extensions are the perfect tools that you can use for adding dimension to your hair. They can be used in multiple ways to add volume physically or create various styles, which give the illusion of dense, thick hair. For instance, you could use an entire set of the different clip wefts to add volume throughout the hair or you could use one or two clip wefts with highlights and lowlights in order to create the illusion of fuller hair without even using too many hair extensions. Styling the hair after clipping on the extensions would give a super bouncy quality to your hair.

Combining the tricks together

You could smoothen and straighten the hair after adding a few lowlights or you could curl up the locks after clipping on a few extensions with highlights. The thing to remember is that you must work in the volumizing products after attaching the hair extensions according to the hairstyle you are going to wear. Even if you want to tease the ends of the hair by backcombing, you can do so after attaching the hair extensions to achieve uniform volume. For the extra oomph factor, you can combine any two or more of these hacks and play around with the locks to find the best position to clip them on.

Hair hacks and products are great for nailing the instant volumized hair. They also work pretty well with the hair extensions. But haircuts don’t mix well with hair extensions unless you style them the same way. In the case of shorter hair, the hair extensions are often used to add length more than volume. You may even consult with an expert as to which style would suit you best.

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