Best Hair Extensions Available in the Market

June 28, 2018

Best Hair Extensions Available in the Market

The market is flooded with different types of hair extensions and they have a huge demand among the girls. Why Not? Hair extensions have become more like your dream hair. You cannot go ever wrong with them and you can experiment with long stylish or whatever type of hair you want.

But you need to be cautious as to which type of hair extension you must go for. Let’s have a look at the following different types of hair extensions available in the market –

  1. Asian Hair Extension– Let’s begin with our own hair. This is the Asian hair which looks great at first. This hair is pitch dark black and shiny which is extremely attractive initially. But you must understand that the shiny black hair is because of the silicon coating in them. And this hair type boasts of staying the same for at least 1 year but it has been observed that even after due maintenance the hair stays the same only for 4-5 months.
  2. Indian Hair Extension – This is the perfect extension which is quite different from the Asian Hair extension. You can get different shades of black, burgundy under Indian hair extension. But make sure that when you are going to buy them, then check for any split ends or damages as they are quite common in Indian hair extension.
  3. Russian Hair Extension– This is one of the best hair extension and expensive at the same time. Many girls recommend Russian Hair Extension because they tend to last much longer and thus they are a complete value for money. Russian hair extension is soft and silky and comes with huge hair color variations. This hair type also has beautiful bounce which looks great and completely natural for any hair type.
  4. Shrinkies Hair Extension– It is done with the help of Keratin protein plastic tube which is attached to your hair. This hair extension involves the use of I tip hair extension. This hair extension is firstly stuck on to the root of your hair and then heat is applied with the help of a fusion iron which acts as a bond between your natural and extended hair type. This can be applied and lasts for a good 4-6 months easily.
  5. Clip In Extensions– This hair extension is perfect as an instant solution. Additionally, it is a fully customizable solution depending on your hair length, color and pattern. Application of clip in extensions involves only some minutes and it is quite durable also in nature. The longevity completely depends on how you maintain it.
  6. Tape in Hair Extensions– This uses skin wefts which are thin, easier to manage and extremely natural looking at the same time. The wefts are taped using a keratin protein and then they are heated so that the same gets affixed to your hair. Since the tape is thin, thus this hair extension lasts for 6-8 weeks only.

Above given are 6 best hair extensions available in the market. So what are you waiting for?


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