Top 5 Hairstyles to try this Prom

January 9, 2018

Top 5 Hairstyles to try this Prom

Prom Party is one of the most important parties for youngsters. Everyone wants to look their best and show off their stylish self at this party. And thus begins the night for smile, laughter, envious looks and dazzling style. You might consider that dresses and costumes play a very important role in prom parties but no hairstyles equally are important. You need to pair your dress with the perfect hairstyle in order to have a complete look. And not to forget it is very important to complement your hairstyle with the dress. This will add a distinct personality to your look.

Without further delay let’s have a look at top 5 hairstyles to try this prom season which will make you stand out from the crowd –

  1. French Side Braid Completed with Soft Curls– Side braids is perfect to go with any dress pattern. They not only make you look young but give a relaxed look on your face so that you don’t have to waste time to remove your hair time and again. French side braid is perfect to add that blush women look to your personality. And at the end play with your curler and add some soft curls at the bottom. They will add depth to your hair and form a perfect hairstyle for your prom party.
  2. Rolled Half Hair with curls– If you want your hair to be short then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. You just need to roll up your hair and bring it half to its original length. Now, make a simple roll to tie your hair horizontally and this roll should be near your neck area. This will give a complete full look to your hairstyle. You can curl up the hair ends loosely or with tight curls also as per your choice.
  3. Retro Ringlets– In case you are wearing a retro style dress then this hairstyle is perfect for you. This was a perfect hairstyle for Hollywood red carpets for girls who had short tresses. You only need to make tight curls and keep pinning them at the back. Give a half hair look and you are all set to rock the party.
  4. Waterfall Braid – This is a perfect choice for medium length hair. Here you can add up that innocent girl look without pretending to show too much of style. Just keep making loose braids at the top and keep the hair end loose and flowing.
  5. Voluminous Low Bun– There is nothing as fancy as a low bun. And when the low bun is finished with loose curls then this is a perfect romantic hairstyle. You can spray some voluminous spray at the top so that you get some height at the crown area.

So, above given are top 5 prom hairstyles which you can try for your prom parties and people will not stop asking about your hairstyle. All the best for your future prom parties.


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